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An IME is an Insurance Medical Exam. It is a medical exam set up by the insurance company.  The insurance company will refer to it as an “independent” medical exam, but there is nothing independent about it.  It is requested by insurance companies to probe for information that might be used to deny your claim.  The IME doctor is chosen by the insurance company. The exam is not part of your medical treatment. The very purpose of the IME is to resist you, your providers, and the care they are giving you.

While many states have some form of personal injury protection, the information in this website applies specifically to Oregon law, especially on how a lawyer can help force your PIP carrier to pay your medical expenses and wage loss

Car that has recently been in an accident


Car wrecks can be the beginning of a messy process. Your world changes in a matter of seconds. The aftermath of repairs, medical treatment and bills can take months, or longer, to resolve.  If you’re experiencing confusion or frustration, you’re not alone.

This website is designed to prepare you for one of the most common tactics insurance companies use to stop paying your medical bills, wage loss and other benefits provided under your Oregon personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.